"Is it bluegrass or country, jazz improvisation or some new kind of classical? One thing's for certain.
It's fabulous."
Albany Times Union

"To hear these three young guys is to be thankful that music was invented... If I had been able to create a sound like these kids a few years back, I might have thought twice about going into acting!" - Paul Newman

"When the three musicians get together, the resulting mash-up is often equal parts spontaneity and virtuosic precision."
         – The Wall Street Journal 

”The album represents an eclectic, but natural, mix. Like most young people in America now, the three of us grew up listening to all kinds of music – ’90s hip-hop, grunge, bluegrass – and we’ve always played a wide variety of music. We’re part of a new generation of classically trained musicians who approach diverse styles from the same heartfelt place. We hear and feel it all in a similar way, as just music.” - Nick Kendall

Time for Three, the trio’s UMC debut, sees the group explore the interactive
possibilities of string instruments, projecting their onstage magnetism into
pure aural allure. The album also presents the collaborative essence of the group
in the most organic fashion. As Tf3’s Nick Kendall points out, they have a
personal connection to each of the guest artists. The trio blends its warm
sound with the dulcet voice of Joshua Radin in new arrangements for four
of his signature songs: “Everything Will Be All Right,” “What If You,” “Winter”
and “Closer.” Kendall says: “We were big fans of Joshua and met him in a
New York restaurant – then we began to imagine how our instruments would
provide the ideal bed for his voice, so that it’s like an oboe rising out of a string
orchestra.” Cellist Alisa Weilerstein was an acquaintance for years, with
Kendall and violin partner Zack De Pue having studied with her father, violinist Donald Weilerstein, co-founder of the Cleveland String Quartet. But the trio’s first musical meeting with Alisa was on the album’s arrangement by composer Kenji Bunch of the all-time Rachmaninoff favorite Vocalise – with Alisa singing lead on her cello. “It’s a 21st-century version of the piece we all know and love,” De Pue says, “and we hope to perform it with not only Alisa but with cellists from orchestras all over the world.”


With Branford Marsalis – a member of the first family of New Orleans jazz – the trio performs the “Queen of Voodoo” on the album, with the track a stylistic gumbo of American music in which the composer, Tf3’s Ranaan Meyer, imagined the band busking in the Crescent City. Marsalis has been an avuncular presence for the trio since the three musicians were put together with the saxophonist at a benefit concert, where “he schooled us,” Kendall recalls. Meyer adds: “He represents something serious and real – a great performer who has a real sense of what an audience wants.” The centrepiece of Time for Three is a concert favorite of the trio’s, “Chaconne in Winter.” It’s perhaps the ultimate Tf3 mash-up, with Bach’s totemic “Chaconne” melded with Bon Iver’s “Calgary” in an arrangement by Steve Hackman, a friend and collaborator of the group’s from the Curtis Institute.


Time for Three also includes a meeting with Indianapolis folk-pop sister duo Lily & Madeleine on Meyer and Rob Moose’s arrangement of the timeless “Danny Boy,” plus a collaboration with Hawaiian ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro on Kendall’s “Happy Day.” Other originals on the album are Kendall’s “Roundabouts” and “Banjo Love.”  

3 fervent travelers Ecuador Sheet Music

Glowing… very hot… marked by great intensity of feeling… impassioned… Time For Three are Three Fervent Travelers. Double bassist Ranaan Meyer and violinists Zach DePue and Nick Kendall have been traveling fervently since the formation of their group eight years ago. They've crisscrossed Americana, literally and then figuratively through their music since first jamming together at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia… a town that gets its shout out in the phonetic spelling of Philly Phunk on the album you hold in your hands. -NBC


This is truly one of the best albums I have ever heard, in any genre. It is a rare confluence of all the magic ingredients: inspiration, quality, energy, emotion, commercial appeal, plus the guys have incredible charisma. They are just soooo good... comparisons to the Beatles may seem over the top, but this is truly the same once-in-a lifetime alignment of stars. There are lots of "crossover" acts out there, but none of this level. Listen to their cover of Hide and Seek, a true gem. Artists like TF3 remind us why music exists in the first place. I still have goosebumps. Superbly recorded, BTW. Kudos to the engineer. - Living and Breathing Music (New York, NY)


Another musical tour de force from these three fervent travelers. An extraordinarily well produced recording full of extraordinary music.
-Moves the Heavens (Washington, DC)


The finesse with which they play is captivating. My favorite track is probably one of the most introspective. "Sundays" transports me to a soundworld which I have imagined for myself for a long time, with its lazy, bluesy, sexy sound. I wish I could give this release more than 5 stars, it ranks among my favorite recordings of all time. -Penny "Music Lover" (New Rochelle)


  1. Shenandoah/Foxdown  

  2. Jerusalem's Ridge/Ragtime Annie  

  3. Csardas

  4. Blackbird

  5. Thunderstomp  

  6. The Bach Double

  7. Brahms Hungarian Dance No. 5

  8. Ashokan Farewell

  9. The Orange Blossom Special



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we just burned this for you!

We Just Burned This For You!  Time For Three's second album, recorded live at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, the town where violinist Zach DePue grew up and first started playing music.  This show features Time For Three originals, arrangements of classical, gypsy and bluegrass standards as well as a hauntingly beautiful rendition of the Beatles' Blackbird.  Complete with audience reaction to both the music and Time For Three's onstage banter, the album makes you feel like you're there.


Time for Three is an amazingly talented, expressive group with a fun style and great sound. This CD has all of my 5 favorite songs and is a great recording. I highly recommend it. -Molly B. (Boulder, CO)


The eclectic trio Time for Three demonstrates power, virtuosity, cohesion, and kinship. - J. Ross "A Music Fan" (Roseburg, OR)


Disc 1

  1. Jennifer Higdon - Concerto 4-3* featuring Time for Three

  2. Gabriela Lena Frank - Elegia Andína*

  3. Kevin Puts - Symphony No. 3, "Vespertine"*

  4. John B Hedges - Slapdance*

Disc 2

  1. Peter Boyer - Celebration Overture

  2. Behzad Ranjbaran - Songs of Eternity*

  3. Jennifer Higdon - Loco*

  4. Kevin Puts - Violin Concerto*

*world premiere recording

Take 6 - Fort Worth Symphony

The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra released its latest CD, “Take Six,” on its own label, FWSO Live. “Take Six” features commissions from the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra’s composers-in-residence program. Recorded at Bass Performance Hall in downtown Fort Worth, the CD includes seven world premiere recordings from six composers, as well as the world premiere performance of Kevin Puts’ Violin Concerto performed by FWSO Concertmaster, Michael Shih. The album also features Jennifer Higdon’s bluegrass/classical Concerto 4-3 composed for string trio Time for Three.